Hi Goddesses!

I am a 32 year old, making my way through life and discovering new things about my true self everyday.

This definitely should be edited down, but it isn't. so take it or leave it. lol

Full time I am an elementary school art teacher.  I have my masters in painting. My first love has always been painting the nude human form, it is something I was always drawn to and still don’t quite understand the full meaning of why. As my yoga practice has developed and I have started to know my body more, as well as spiritually open, my two loves have started to become one.

I was born and raised in New Jersey by my grandparents Annie and Leroy. I can’t stress how blessed I was to have them, as they truly supported me in all I did. We didn’t have much but they really loved me unconditionally. In high school my grandmother would drive me into the city for precollege classes at renowned art schools. Eventually I started taking the train myself, toting around my portfolio, sketching every second I got. I remember that was when I took my first, soon to be many, figure drawing class. I am in love with the human form in all shapes and sizes, there is just something exqsuite quitly beautiful about the temple that houses our souls.

 I also discovered my love for yoga in high school, taking bikram classes early mornings before school at a nearby gym. Oddly enough I would see my art teacher working out on the machines, and would wave as I made my way to the studio. Bikram yoga drew me in with the disciplined postures, long holds, hot rooms and all the detoxed sweating.

After highschool I took classes at various studios, and eventually found my way into vinyasa. As a Capricorn, I  am one for routine and order and the set up of a vinyasa class threw me through a world wind. Eventually I was able to discover a sort of freedom in the flow like a dancer. Although my practice was there it was not truly a committed one until 2012. Going to class on a regular basis made a huge impact on my mind, body and soul. Yoga was not just a practice for me, but a way of living.

I had yoga teacher training in the back of my head, but financially I did not have the funds. I was honored to get a scholarship. I believe in divine timing and although I was busy with work and my masters degree, I could not deny what I was being called to do. I completed my 200 hours in 2016. During my training Ashtanga called resognated with me and now it is my practice. I love the discipline and how humbling it is. It is amazing being in a class full of individuals that silently push me to be a better version of myself. No music to distract, just the breathe and my practice.